How to Buy

After your order contact, such as sending it by e-mail We accept.
To order flow will be as shown below.

Please fill in the title of the e-mail, such as "I want to purchase a short circuit USB socket C1".

Please let us know below in the body of the email.
PATypeiC1jand Purchase quantity
QAYour Name
RAZip code
TAYour phone number
UAPayment Date
VAPayment will only PayPal.

If you have please contact us,
we will notify payment amount and the shipping was added to the later date,
the transfer destination account number.
We are pleased to announce, etc. contact us.

I hope the transfer.
You can contact us and the transfer, payment can be confirmed soon.

We will contact you by e-mail confirmation of payment.
We will go into procedures for shipping.

We will ship the item.
You will be notified by e-mail your luggage has been sending out contact EMSnumbers.

For handmade, will correspond to the initial failure when receiving your returned goods only.
Please check within 7 days when you receive the item now.

I hope and you can contact us by e-mail received, confirming the operation.
Other, at any time, please do not hesitate Ossha~tsu If you have any questions something.
But for the inconvenience, thank you.