USB host cable for Fujitsu F-07C Windows7.

V2 M2 W2

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(1)This is connected to the terminal cradle of Fujitsu F-07C, to realize the capabilities of a host.
(2)W2=80cm+10cm、V2=55cm length of cable is standard, also available upon special order of the length of your choice in less than 50cm.(Free)
(3)It is useful USB memory of reading, writing and network 3G when you go out,
also to connect (LAN) communication, in your own home.
(4)Connect the AC power to the F-07C, when you use this connector, please charge state.
(F-07c battery, because it is not enough.)
(5)Installation with an external DVD drive is possible.
(In this case, AC power supply is required by the DVD drive alone.)
(6)If the power such as a mouse is insufficient, it is available by the state to charge the F-07C body, and going through a USB hub.
(I do not do the tested with all mouse.)
(7)If you connect a USB hub to power, power to the equipment while USB,You can charge the body F-07C.
(Except for the hub with backflow prevention.)
(8)In addition, there is a thing by USB devices will not work.

【Equipment to check the operation】
(1)USB memory(ELECOM MF-NU2A32GBK)
(2)HUB + mouse(ELECOM U2H-SS4BF1BK + BUFFALO A10120)
(3)LAN adapter(Logitec 3portHUB)
(4)Wimax communication terminal(UM3200U)
(5)B-mobile communication terminal(Doccica)
(6)DVD / CD-R driver(I-O DATA DVR-UN18GLV)
(7)AC adapter(Charger) Fujitsu F-04(5.0V 1.0A)
(8)High capacity battery LOOKEAST LE-UBT12K

(1)Handmade for those manufacturers do not have that guarantee.
Depending on the return only when you receive the initial failure.
(Part due to limited processing simpler in structure and there is no bug reports in the past.)
(2)When returned goods will be paid by the shipping round trip shopnojo.
(3)Can not support even if there is trouble in the body and connected devices and data F-07C.
Charge, use at your own risk.

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