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Windows tablet Charging while USB usable OTG cable.


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・It is a USB cable that can be switched between host mode and charging mode with a changeover switch.
・USB devices can be used while charging. It is useful for long downloads and installations.
・Cable length is
 for tablet (microUSB convex 20cm), for data (USB concave 5cm), power supply only (USB convex 85cm).
・We will adjust to your favorite length within a total of 90cm. (free)

【Example of use】
1、In the host mode, you can connect USB memory and mouse to the data cable and use it.
2、In charging mode, you can charge by connecting the power supply dedicated cable to the power supply.
3、USB device can be used while charging in charging mode.
4、If you connect with PC with USB convex ⇔ convex cable,
 you can read and write SD card etc inside tablet (Android) from PC.
 At this time, you can charge from the computer without connecting the power supply.

【Please note】
・I do not check the operation with all tablets and smartphones.
 (Connection order and activation order also depend on tablet.)
・The ASUS VivoTab series, TOSHIBA VT484 are not compatible with OTG and can not be charged at the same time.
 But you can supply power to connected USB devices.
・If the power adapter's power is insufficient, it may not be used normally. (Usually 2A or more)

【Tablet that USB device could use while charging】
  Lenovo Miix2 8
  VIDO W7(Windows)
  KEIAN KVI-70B(Windows)
  TOSHIBA dynabook Tab S50 WT10-A
  ONDA V919 Air(Using HUB:j5create JUH470)
  ONDA V80、V820W
  Geanee WDP-073-1G16G-10BT
  Fujitsu Arrows Tab FARWJQ1N
  Ployer MOMO 7W

・Because of handmade there is no manufacturer compensation.
 At the time of receipt, we respond only to the initial defects returned.
 In that case, return shipping fee and return purchase price will be refunded after arrival.
・Even if malfunction occurs on tablet, smartphone main unit, connected device or data, we can not respond.
 Regarding use, please take responsibility at your own risk.
・If you can not use the USB device while charging with your tablet,
 We will refund the main body amount excluding round trip shipping fee.
 In that case, the returned goods will be transferred after arrival

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