Short-circuited USB socket for the data communication terminal for charging.
【Hand made】


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・It is a socket that short-circuits the data communication terminals(D+D-)when charging the tablet with USB.
・Depending on the charger,D+D- are not short-circuited, so even if you can not charge with a normal USB cable,
 Charging becomes possible by using this product.
・When used together with optional S1 (chargeable USB usable cable)
 You can use it while switching to charge mode and host mode.

【Example of use】
1、Set the optional S1 cable to charge mode, insert this socket, and then connect it to the power supply and tablet.
2、Charging will continue even if the socket is pulled out once the tablet is charged.
3、Unless you purchase an optional S1 cable from the power supply,
 you can use USB by switching between host mode and charging mode.

【please note】
・I do not check the operation with all tablets and smartphones.
 (Connection order and order of activation also depend on tablet.)
・If the power adapter's power is insufficient, it may not be used normally.(Usually 2A or more)
・This product is not what you can use USB while charging.(Switchable only)

【Tablet that was able to charge and switch between host ⇔ charge mode】
 Fujitsu Arrows Q335/K

・Because of handmade there is no manufacturer compensation. We respond only to the initial defects returned.
 In that case, after returning goods will ship round trip shipping fee and purchase price after arrival.
・Even if malfunction occurs on tablet, smartphone main unit, connected device or data, we can not respond.
 Regardless of your use, we ask for your own responsibility.

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